Thursday, August 28, 2014

Studying About Faith Lately

I hear that David and Dad started jogging!! Wow, that sounds super amazing!! Honestly, I'm sitting in a chair ALL DAY LONG. Just so you know, our daily routine is broken down as follows…We wake up to pray, study, eat, study some more, teach a lesson, back to study, eat again, study a bit more, teach another lesson, more studies, eat, pray, and go to bed. Then next day, repeat it all over again!! All spiritual and uplifting, but from what you can see, I am sun and exercise deprived. However, I keep telling myself that my mission post MTC will be mostly outdoors anyway. So, it is all good!


I show everyone my family pictures all the time and they always say how good looking family I have and how beautiful my Mommy is and I’m so proud of you all. My family is the best!! I LOVE YOU ALL!! I wish I could give you a big hug all the way from Spain. So, it is a BIG “Spiritual Hug”.


So, how is everyone doing?..How is Ella? And how are our cars running?..Is everything ok? So, are my prayers working? You are “siempre” (always) in all my prayers.


As of me, I am doing good and learning more each day. It’s really cool to learn so much about the gospel. I mean, I love it!! We usually go out on p-days and see a little bit of the city (Madrid), besides proselyting in the park but last week we had an opportunity to visit a soccer club stadium “El Real Madrid”. But I mainly thought of Darren and Dad since I figured you guys would have loved and enjoyed it! As always, we go to do temple session on Thursdays. That being said, the photo below at the temple was taken just today!


Anyway, I am learning so much about Spanish and the gospel in general. It feels great! I have studied and pondered a lot this week about the book of Ether. It’s crazy but I feel that I am learning a lot more than I did at home in my personal studies. It is super cool! It seems as I learn more for others and faster. Please read Ether 12: 6, 7 and then verse 12. I love those verses!!


I love y’all so much. More than you know!!

Your daughter, your sissy and best friend Hermana Arce


Big hug, little kiss, big kiss, little hug! (Nacho Libre)

Hermana Arce at the Madrid Temple
Hermana Arce at the "El Real Madrid" Soccer Stadium, Madrid Spain

Hermana Dueñas y Hermana Arce
Hermana Arce at the "El Real Madrid" Soccer Stadium, Madrid Spain