Monday, December 29, 2014

Feliz Año Nuevo!!

After skyping with you last week we had dinner with Yoana! After dinner, it felt good to hit the streets again after Christmas and having so many things going on this week. We visited our investigator Yuriamy. We went to go pick her up but she wasn’t feeling good, so we came back later to just check on her. She appreciated our concern as she let us in her home and we talked for a good while. We left the home with a prayer that she would feel better. Our message is that Christ will comfort us when we must wait in distress for the Savior’s promised relief that He knows, from experience, how to heal and help us. The Book of Mormon gives us the certain assurance of His power to comfort. And faith in that power will give us patience as we pray and work and wait for help. I like visiting people and let them know that Christ loves and cares! I always feel as the Lord is pleased when we take care of the sick, afflicted and lonely. Also, we always pray on ways how we could help our less active members. Speaking of which, the zone leaders gave us a list of less active members and so we began visiting and inviting them to return to church. I testify that there is nothing more important than bringing people back to church, nurture and strengthen those that somehow have been lost.

Also, we also had a lesson with a man from Nigeria and I just love sharing the message about Jose Smith, the need and importance of the restoration. Again, I bore my testimony to this man about the sacred priesthood, our prophet Joseph Smith and our living prophet Thomas S. Monson. I have witnessed how a sweet, pure and simple testimony can bring the Spirit into our discussions. I have also come to realize the importance of teaching together, testifying and complementing each other’s thoughts! It’s wonderful to be part of this great work and I just love it! That being said, I love to have the opportunity to share this knowledge with everyone we come in contact!!

También! Para que sepan la foto mia es cuando estaba preparando una pizza para las navidades. Es verdad, Hermana Volpe prepara pizza y pasta casi todos los dias. Eso es super divertido! Recuerden que ella es de Italia. Jajajha. 

Hasta la proxima semana….Muchos abrazos y besitos.

Hermana Arce

Christmas Eve in Malaga

Cooking Pizza for Christmas!...Wait...What?

Ice Skating on P-day

Regalo de Navidad de mi Familia

Ice Skating with my Zone..

Having Fun with my Zone
This is President & Sister Deere's daughter Annie and Hermana Arce, who we think looks an awful lot like Annie! 
A few members in the Malaga Ward have mistaken her for Annie too.

A beautiful evening in Malaga

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Self-Reliance, a way of life

Hello Family & Friends—

Officially, the word is getting out in my mission that I actually fix peoples clothes!! All these missionaries come to me so that I sew their ripped clothing. Even my companion had me fixed her stuff. Honestly, I haven’t even done my own sewing but that is all good because I like to help and serve.

Actually, Arnaldo did not get baptized because he just was not ready. We will continue to work with him for as long as needed. That being said, Hermana Volpe and I have been working really hard. We have found several new investigators and all are progressing nicely. One of them is Claudia and she is from Romania. She has a husband but with no children. We found Claudia by talking to her on the streets of Malaga. We came across her twice in one week and one night we shared Helaman 5:12 and I felt prompted to tell her that this was not by chance that we met again. She started to cry because she and her husband have been trying to have children for 7 years and there is nothing wrong with them. The doctors said if it is God's will, they will have children. So she has been looking for a church and so the timing is perfect. We are so blessed that the Spirit led us unto her. Claudia is the sweetest lady and she’s only 28 years old. I know that the Lord was preparing her and her husband by softening their hearts to receive our message. Ugh I love my mission! I love being able to help people, to share my testimony with them, and help them through difficult times. It is indeed a great privilege, for us missionaries, to share the gospel of Jesus Christ as it is the cure of so many of life’s ills and the good news of eternal life all with the same urgency.
Yesterday, we had a meeting with our Mission President Deere and Hermana Deere as they taught us about Self-Reliance. It was very good and I took good notes. Also, I kept thinking how much I have learned self-reliance from you, my family, about money and also spiritual self-reliance. As always, we must first go to the Lord. I am so glad to be a member of the true and living church. I love you, Mom and Dad for accepting and embracing the Gospel so that we may benefit from it. You guys are just awesome!

I think that’s it for me this week…Hurray! I get to see you in a couple of days. Yes!!

I Love you Mommy, Daddy, Darren and Davey!!


Hermana Arce

Monday, December 15, 2014

Siempre Obediente (Always Obedient)

Hello Family & Friends--

I hear that David gave a talk in sacrament meeting. Go David!. I love to hear that he was given the opportunity to talk and bear his testimony. David has such a sweet and strong testimony and he needs to share it more often.

I am doing real good and happy! Honestly, I was a little worried about taking the wheel after Hermana Crockett left (mi madre en la mision) but it's not as bad as I thought. I just remember to always follow her example and I will be fine. For instance, I make sure we have lots of citas everyday and durante el mediodia, we read PME (Predicad Mi Evangelio -- Preach My Gospel), porque no tengo tiempo para estudiar. tenemos 30 minutos en las mananas, pero asi no mucho. Entonces nosotras usamos tiempo para estudiar Español más cada día. Como verbos y todos de más...Super bien! Me gusta mucho porque siempre hablamos en la calle con todos!

I am so excited for Christmas! I can't wait to see you and everyone else on Christmas! It will be great...

Well, I gotta go. Until next week. "Always Obedient"

Love you guys! Remember my P-Day is on Tuesday just next week since we have a special zone conference on Monday.

Hermana Arce

Monday, December 8, 2014

With the Lord, Weak Things Become Strong

Hola familia y amigos!

It’s so-o-o-o ccccccoooldd here--my fingers are cold typing on this keyboard. This week, specially, I had to bring out the hat and gloves since the temperatures have dropped considerably!

And yes, Hermana Crockett is going home this Wednesday and my new companion will be Hermana Volpe and she is from Italy. I hope my Spanish improves with her. So far, I hear that she’s been on the mission for 6 months and I’ve been on mine for 4. So we are both fairly new. I am excited though to learn more things and work with her. 

On a separate note, all that I own appears to be falling apart. My jacket ripped, along with my sweater, and skirt and both my Spanish-English scriptures spine where the pages are bound is coming lose—I am like—Oh my goodness! But it’s okay because I bought some super glue and I will do some sewing today. All is well… You see, I have learned that when something becomes weak, it does not necessarily mean is bad item or person; but that it gives them the opportunity to put their Trust in the Lord and make their weak things become strong. Just like all my items, you can always apply the gospel to everyday things! Neat huh?

A new member was baptized this Saturday, so we had two members receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost. One of the members was blessed to go and serve a mission (because he is only 20 years old) and has a strong testimony. His parents came to his baptism and I know he will be such a good example to his family and friends! Our friend from Belgium is still awesome as ever! She is even trying to share the gospel as well with people.

I have to go until next week. “Les Quiero Mucho!!

Hermana Arce
Elders Phipps and Ellsworth, and  Hermanas Crockett and Arce in Malaga 4.

Warming Up with Hot Chocolate

The Three Musketeers!! 

Taking a break after teaching a new member lesson

What me?...I am not eating that!

Sister Crockett & I with the new members

Bundle up on the streets of Malaga

Sister Crockett & I with the new member

Sister Crockett & I with the new member

Monday, December 1, 2014

New Members of the Church

Hola a todos!

Mom thank you so much for sharing that story. I am so grateful the Lord is watching out for you guys. I love the blessings He is pouring out on you. I LOVE MY FAMILY!!!!

I am so glad that you get to go out with the sisters. Just taking them to places is indeed a blessing-- I was thinking that the other day how hard it would be to get around places if we had to drive. We simply have the opportunity to walk everywhere and get where we need to go. 

Oh! We saw many tender mercies this week. We were so blessed this week as well…We met STANDARDS for the mission. Hermana Crockett and I have worked really hard this week and the Lord blessed us with the rest. As we relied on Him we had two baptisms! Two new members were confirmed yesterday. They are brand new members of the church will all the blessings that come from our membership and that in itself is so special. They love the church and were ready to act! I have such a great privilege to teach them. You could actually meet them on Christmas as we may end up meeting at their place to Skype. Overall, it was a very good week and I am glad it was for y’all too.

Also, I have tons of pictures of Yoana’s baptism that I will be sending next week… 

By the way, Hermana Crockett is going home December 10th and I find out who my next companion this Friday. It’s going to be really sad to see her go but the Lord knows that all is well. I hope that my next companion is nice too. 

All and all, my thanksgiving was good and the food was delicious. We spent it at the church for an hour and ate with the Malaga zone. You can see me on the blog… I am like the 10th photo down with all the people at the dinner table. 

I Love you Mommy, Daddy, David, Darren and Ella!! BIG hug, Little Kiss, BIG kiss, Little hug! HAHA (Nacho Libre)

LOVE YOU guys and see you in 3 & 1/2 weeks!! 

Les Quiero Mucho!!

Hermana Arce