Monday, August 4, 2014

An Urgency to Share the "Good News"

In October 2012, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced that, from now on, young women starting at the age of 19, should they desire to do so, would be allowed to serve as missionaries.  Since then, many young women have entered the mission field, including two young women from York County in South Carolina, U.S.A.  McKayla Garnett and Camille Arce, putting aside school and other ambitions, have answered the call to serve.
Camille Amanda Arce, a student at York Technical College, and graduate of York Comprehensive High School in York, departed this week to serve an 18-month mission.  She and her parents, Francisco and Valerie Arce of York, are financing her mission.  The Arces, commented: “Camille is sacrificing to be without her family for a year and half, so that others may be with their families for all eternity. Our family is very proud of Camille having the desire to serve a mission and to invite others to come unto Christ.”
On August 5th, Camille reported to the Church’s Missionary Training Center in Madrid, Spain, where she will intensely study Spanish, as well as, the Bible and the Book of Mormon.   After approximately six weeks of study, she will report to the Spain Málaga Mission to teach the gospel.  Camille’s older brother recently served a two-year mission in the Chile Osorno Mission for the Church as well.  She exclaimed, “Words cannot describe how excited I am to serve the Lord. I have been extremely blessed to have the knowledge of this Gospel in my life and can’t wait to share it with the people of Spain!”
After graduating from high school, Camille attended York Technical College this past year and worked at Upper Palmetto YMCA.  She plans to resume her studies when she returns in 2016.  She, like over 80,000 other Latter-day Saints (Mormon) missionaries who are serving worldwide for the Church, has postponed her education to serve a full-time mission.
Many might wonder why so many young men and women would be willing to give up one and half to two years of their lives to serve as missionaries.  If asked, most respond with same way: To share the happiness that the “good news” of Jesus Christ brings!  Church leaders have repeatedly conveyed the necessity of spreading the “word of God.” It is an urgency many young men and women around the world have felt and taken as their own cause.  Church leaders have put it this way: “The gospel of Jesus Christ is the cure for so many of life’s ills that Mormons want to share the good news of eternal life with the same urgency.”

Mi familia at the Airport

Hermana Arce and Mom