Monday, June 8, 2015

Spain and their Soccer is for Real....

Hola amigos, familia y personas que yo no conozco pero estan leyendo! Jaja

You would not believe what happened to me. I got stuck in the doors of the bus.
So we were getting off to our stop and the doors opened and I took a step out but while I was in the middle of getting off the bus the doors close and I was like squished in between two doors. For a minute I thought the bus was going to start driving again with me In between the doors. Luckily, I was released, walking away with a couple of black strap marks on my arms. All is well! 

We were teaching this fairly older lady who was an old investigator. Also, on Saturday there was an international soccer game with Barcelona playing against Italy... So there was absolutely no one in the streets. It was almost ghost town! Anyways, we decided to go past Pepita who is like 80 years old and lives alone. She let us in but little did we know she was watching the soccer game as well. She didn't want to turn the T.V. off so she put it on mute. We began talking to her when all of the sudden the entire city of Elche was blowing horns and yelling, "GOOOOAAAALLLLLL" and then she freaked out and said "… Forgive me God for interrupting your words, but I really want to see this goal!..." It was so funny. It was when Barcelona scored their first goal… I assume Barcelona won? It was definitely a crazy night here in Elche. Spain and their soccer is for real. 

I have truly felt like an Angel this past week. Or maybe because all our investigators and members have been telling us so. We got sad news about Guido and Maxi. They were a couple and they broke up last week so good in a sense because now Maxi could get baptized. However, she works every Sunday morning from 8 until 3 p.m. So, that is the reason why she can never come to church. She is just the sweetest lady you would want to meet. We love her and she wants to come to all the church activities that we have. We just have to pray and wait that she can find another job. 

Until next week... 

Con Mucho Amor,

Hermanita Arce

Hermana Asay y yo en nuestra capilla

Selfie of Hermana Asay and investigator.

Sunset on our way back from "Una Cita"