Monday, June 22, 2015

Hola, ¿Como estáis?

First off, I would like to take the time to Thank All those who wished me a Happy Birthday! I had a fantastic birthday. I will not mention my age… no, I'm kidding!  Hermana Asay made me an Oreo ice cream cake that she remembered her mom made once. It was so funny I came into the kitchen to see how everything was going with the cake and all and she looked at me with this puzzled look and said: “Hermana… I think I missed a very small tiny detail that my mom did but I don't know what it is.” It turned out so yummy though. The best “Compie/Hija” award.

As for on the East Southern part of Spain - Elche has been good to us in whether wise this past week. Thank goodness! However, all the members tell us “…Oh you just wait TIL August.” Aha we will see. ¡¡Venga lo que venga y disfrútalo.

What a wonderful week Hermana Asay and I had. I am proud to announce that I am going to be a grandmother. Yes, she will be training next transfer and I sadly will be getting the boot! I am so proud of our ward. I have seen night to day transformation with them regarding missionary work. Our ward mission leader, Hermano Caballero, has a goal of giving out 50 Book of Mormons to his friends. Could we say, “el es una maquina” (he's a machine). And we have so many families who want to help and share. We haven't seen Maxi in a while, but we have a planned appointment with her this Wednesday with Guido.

Oh man, oh man! I have to share with you some powerful words Hermana Asay said during a lesson with Jorge. We were following up on the reading about 3 Nephi 11. We were explaining and talking about this chapter and we were about to close the lesson and Jorge asked: “You're saying --I can find peace and happiness in these book? Then all of sudden, Hermana Asay perked up and said with power “Yes, I know you can find all these things in Christ which the Book of Mormon testifies and strengthens your relationship with the Savior.” I just got chills and when she finished I boldly testified right after her word. I seriously felt like Alma and Amulek. I love teaching with her, and I am so proud of the missionary she has become. She is such a good example to me, as I have learned more from her than she has from me. I am sure of that!

I have set some goals this week as to how I can leave this area better than I found it and how I can do all I can to help Hermana Asay as she gets ready to receive her own hija. We have been studying together a lot about Grace in 1 Corinthians 12:9. I know that Christ’s Grace is sufficient to bring all our weaknesses to strengthen us. I know the promises of the Lord are eternal and anyone who draws near unto Him, He will draw near unto you. I love each and every one of you.

Thank you for your examples. Thank you for your prayers and thank you for all your encouraging letters.

May God bless you in your goals and efforts each day. Heavenly Father acknowledges all our successes even the small ones.

Until next week!

Hermanita Arce