Monday, April 20, 2015

Our Testimonies of Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father

Hola Familia y Amigos,

Wow! first of all, being a "Mom" in the mission is the BEST experience. My new companion’s name is Hermana Asay. She is from Utah. Yes, her name is Asay. No mistake there. So all the members get a good laugh at our names "Hermanas Asay & Arce", and all in all, it’s great. I know I am training her but her Spanish is fantastic. She asks me a couple of words here and there but she totally can speak!!! It’s such a blessing to be working with her. 

We had Stake Conference this past week and, of course, it was so good. They talked a lot about the members helping the missionaries by coming out with us or talking to people so that we can teach in their home. I am so excited that his week we have plans by going to work more with the members.

On a separate note. Here in Elche is getting a little warmer each day. Therefore, I don’t need a jacket anymore. It’s super nice! 

We had a lesson with a member and she was telling us how it is so easy to forget the little things such as that Faith in Jesus Christ and praying regularly as well as reading the scriptures. I assured her that these little things are what strengthen and solidify the foundation of our testimonies. It is through these little things that builds our relationships with our Father in Heaven.

One of the most important things I treasure besides my family is my testimony of the Savior Jesus Christ and of the Book of Mormon. The promises that are contained within the Book of Mormon are promises from God and I want to teach from that very book with my own future family. And it is the very reason I am here serving, which is to share what I know to be true. We cannot know the things of God without reading or praying to Him. We cannot receive personal revelation without seeking His hand. I know this to be true because of the witness I have received and continue to receive through the Holy Ghost who showeth us all things that are from God which are true.

Digo estas cosas en el sagrado nombre de Jesucristo. Amen.

Abrazos y besitos.

Hermanita Arce

Hermana Curtis and I on exchanges that day eating dinner at a member's home.
My District

Hermana Asay will be trained in Elche 2 by Hermana Arce.