Monday, April 6, 2015

I AM GOING TO BE A MOM!!! (in the mission)

Wow, we heard INSPIRED talks in General Conference!!! 

This past weekend, I was so touched and spiritually uplifted with a wonderful General Conference. No doubt in my mind, the Spirit was there testifying of the things that are true. I watched Women’s Conference in Spanish but for General Conference we had a projector like we do at home in the church but it was in Spanish and all those who wanted to watch it in English went in the Relief Society room. But I really liked the talk by Wilford W. Anderson about the Holy Ghost and how he compared it to dancing and music. But my ‘all-time’ favorite was Elder Jeffrey R. Holland. His talk was so good I didn’t even get to put more than two words on my paper as I was so into his talk and was so fixed on every word he said. He just has such a way of conveying the Savior’s love and power—specially, about Christ’s Atonement, which is always my favorite topic. 

I have exciting news to share with everyone--- and that is: I AM GOING TO BE A MOM!!!!!!!!! (in the mission). Yeah! Being a mom in the mission means you get to train and I am going to train a NEW missionary. I am so nervous!!

Also, some other exciting news! I am pleased to tell you guys that we are getting iPads for the Malaga, Spain Mission. Woo-Hoo!! the iPads come on April 21st and also we have a General Authority coming to visit us in May..

Keep on swimming! Until next week.

-Hermanita Arce