Monday, April 13, 2015

Exact Obedience

Hello family and friends,

This past week was real good. Today, I traveled from Elche to Malaga. It took 10 hours. We ate and had a training from President Deere. The training turned out to be very spiritual as we are preparing to train new missionaries. We talked about the attributes of a leader like Christ.

We meet our new companions tomorrow April 14th! There are only two sister missionaries in this group. Only one native from Spain and the other is from Utah. So, there is a 50/50 percent which missionary I will be assigned. To be honest, it doesn't matter to me, just as long she has a desire to serve and be diligent I am good. The most important item is that I need to remember the lesson Hermana Crockett taught me. The biggest lesson I remembered learning from her is the importance of Exact Obedience, even in the smallest things. It’s true. I have seen it on the mission, over and over again, and I hope I can be a good example and show it to her and help her in whatever she needs.

Well, I am super sorry this letter is short but I am in the mission home. That being said, I have limited time to write this week. 

Always remember, keep up the great work. Please do not worry about packages or letters. Just prayers. J

Abrazos y besitos,

Hermana Arce