Monday, July 27, 2015

"Remember, failure is an event... not a person, and yesterday ended last night"...

"Yooo-Hoo!!!!!! Big summer blowout!" - frozen. Alrighty.. here we go! What a week. I am getting like a complete Gomba. (Shrimp which means red skin) because of the KILLER heat!! Wow--it's amazing at how scourging it is in southern Spain- but hey, it comes with some killer tan lines as well. 

We had a baptism yesterday!! It was definitely a “locura” (crazy) day, we decided to do it right after church but while we were in the 2nd class halfway through, I have to admit, it was the Spirit that reminded us that we forgot to fill up the baptismal font and the programs. So, there we were, two hermanas hauling big buckets of water from the kitchen to the font (see photo). We were determined there was going to be a baptism that day! Thankfully, it all turned out great and as planned. Eglys, a 22 years old Cuban girl was baptized. We contacted her my second day in Malaga as she was actually a referral contact. She was so well prepared as it still amazes me every time to know that the Lord really is preparing His children. She was so filled with the Spirit and light the day of her baptism. We sang her a song and she was so happy as she kept giving us hugs and “besitos”--kisses. It was a wonderful experience. Of course, like all baptisms!!

Also, this week, I had an awesome exchange with the Hermanas from Malaga 3. I went to their area and while we were contacting in the streets we stopped by a lady and she had such a cute little dog. So, here you go I had to take a picture with my new friend -- hopefully Ella won't get too jealous.

Hermana Arce

"Analogies are banned in certain parts of the mission after a handful of recent converts still refer to the third member of the Godhead as Casper the friendly ghost"

"Remember failure is an event... not a person, and yesterday ended last night"

...Two hermanas hauling big buckets of water from the kitchen to the font...

...With our cute little friend...

My MINION goggles...

Malaga Mission Leadership Council

Sister Training Leaders (Super Hermanas Entrenadoras - SHEs).  They add so much and are a key part of the mission leadership council.  Before the Church announced the name for their position in Spanish, our mission president felt the best translation for them would be "Hermana Entrenadoras", or Sister Trainers.  But as you can see, the abbreviation would be "HE".  We just couldn't have that for Sisters, so our Mission President suggested jokingly that we should call them "Super Hermana Entrenadoras", or SHEs.  The name stuck.  Here they are--our "SHEs". 

Watermelon and a shepherds pie! So American. The nurse of our mission invited us to eat! 
Since Spain is so hot and the Spaniards are so poor that EVERYONE has a personal fan (called "Abanicos").   Although it's more for women, you may see even men carrying them around. It's like an accessory! Of course, I bought one and love it.
Photo of my area, I like the view of the mountains.

During a teaching appointment...