Monday, August 3, 2015

...Seek God's Help to Overcome and Endure the Challenges of Life - Joseph W. Sitati

Hello family and friends--

What a wonderful but just as busy as last week we had three exchanges with wonderful Sisters in the Zone. It actually started Monday, we had exchanges on top of picking Sisters up from the bus station to do their residency to teaching to making sure everyone had a place to sleep and something to eat. I felt like the mommy. It was so fun though. A little tough because it was my first time staying in the area and my companion not being with me... I may or may have not gotten lost a couple of times. Lol but it's okay because we got to meet a guy named “good luck from Africa” and he seemed like a pretty cool guy as we found him knocking doors looking for someone else but found him, so it's all good. We shared with him what we believed in and set a return appointment. As well as while we were on “intercambios” we had an appointment with one of our friends named Sebastian and let me just tell you he is something else. He is so amazing. You see, Sebastian is from Malaga and met the missionaries as they contacted him in the park three months ago. We actually did a fast together this past weekend and he said it went better than he thought. Because he is a fairly large man, it was hard for him as it was so nice to see his progress. What warms my soul is to know that he knows he is a son of God and he is now exercising his faith.

Also we met someone famous!! Aha (no not really) but professor Magonalgol the women who plays in Harry Potter and transforms into a cat. Yeah! We found her in Cat form in the street and took a picture with her ;) 

So, i hope you have THE BEST WEEK and if it's not your best week make it your 2nd best week and if isn't your 2nd keep going down TIL it is the best week.


Hermanita Arce 

You cannot connect the dots looking forward. - Steve Jobs

Nephi is gorgeous in the film, if he asked me to join me in the wilderness, the last thing I'd do is murmur... - Crazy old lady in our ward

The thing about truth is, it exists beyond belief, it is true even if it no one believes it. - President Uchtdorf