Monday, March 16, 2015

We Walked Away With Full Gratitude…

"Mister Jelly Man, Mister JELLY MAN! Did you DIE!??" Finding Nemo is definitively my favorite movie as it is the best. Kind of funny story-- My comp, Hermana Rodriguez, bless her heart, has a bad memory. I am always having to remind her of things, people’s names, streets, etc. It is funny because the members of our Ward always say she is like Dory (the friendliest fish in the ocean) from the Finding Nemo movie. I just laugh as I think to myself of being the little turtle and do the ‘Noggin’ thing with Daddy. I miss you guys!

I will be honest, this past week was a little tough for us! Our investigating pool got smaller and smaller. However, we were extremely blessed, as we are constantly finding people who were truly ready to make that first baptismal covenant.

Interesting enough, something amazing happened. After going through our daily plans, my comp and I felt we needed to pray. She wanted me to say it. As we bowed down our heads sitting on a park bench, I felt inspired that we needed to ‘humble’ ourselves—however, NOT discouraged. These are His children. He KNOWS their hearts. He knows who is ready. All He asks from us is to be Obedient, Have Faith and Work! After the prayer, we did just that. We started to work with people we had from an old investigator list as we knocked doors at a nearby apartment building. We knocked the first door and nothing. The second door and nothing and THEN the third… Still nothing. After the sixth door, a lady answered. She let us in and we had an opportunity to talk to her for a little while. She shared that she had been studying different religions and we were able to teach her straight from the Book of Mormon as she said she would read it. We quickly scheduled another follow-up appt. with her! We walked away with FULL gratitude in our hearts as the Lord had answered our prayers!! 

I love this gospel and love being a missionary. I know this is His work and His glory. I love sharing this truth that families can be together forever! Such a small phrase with such powerful meaning. His gospel is perfect and the Family is central to our Creator’s Plan. The family is essential to our happiness and success.

I leave you these thoughts humbly in the name of our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. 

Love yall!!

-Hermanita Arce

Hermana Rodriguez and I on a bus...

Lady of Elche. This statue is everywhere in the city.

Do you see the mountains?