Monday, March 9, 2015

A lesson about Temples

This week was great and productive! We had a lesson with a member present to a man who is atheist. He doesn’t believe in God and he is a little resentful but all in all he was willing to hear our message. My companion and I prepared a lesson for him but when we sat down and started to observe, listen, and seek. We let the Holy Ghost teach instead. He kept saying that he had so many problems and felt like his life was getting worse and worse. I felt like asking him if He could share with us some of his problems so that we could help. --I was a little hesitant but I felt like it was the only way to meet his needs—He then shared with us everything and we were able to help him and taught him based on his needs. It turned out to be a wonderful experience! We had the lesson with a family member and at the end the father gave him a blessing. It ended up being a good lesson!

Also, my companion and I are working on recent converts to get to the temple next month! I will be taking that magazine you all sent about temples and show my favorite Temple –The Washington, D.C. Temple where my family has been sealed for time and all eternity… sniffle, sniffle!  

I am honored and privileged to serve God and be an instrument in His hands. Although, I can only be an instrument if I am obedient, and seek the guidance of the Holy Ghost at all times. Because if the Spirit is not there I cannot teach. I cannot be that instrument that God would have me be. I love our Heavenly Father as He has blessed me beyond measure. This is a time that I have not thought about me, but rather what I could do for His sheep! What I can give and whose hand I can lift up. This is truly my joy. If we are going through a problem, we must remember that either that problem can purify us, change us, or it can defeat us. We have to remember that if we lived a life of no problems HOW would we ever change…or in other words, why would we want to change? Let’s always ask what I am to learn from this experience, in a positive way. 

I love you guys!!

You would not believe what happened to me yesterday... I was walking and this member’s dog bit my shoe! He bit my shoe while I was walking... no idea how that was possible ---and I was “WHAT THE HECK!” I almost jumped on the couch as it didn’t hurt it just scared me. Now I have a HUGE bite mark and scratch mark on my boot.   

OH, OH! So you know those funny little car commercials of squirrels crossing the road—
Well, I experienced something similar this past week.
It all started when my companion and I were crossing the road to go to an appointment. There was this car flying down the road as I didn’t think they were going to stop. All the sudden, we froze in the middle of the road (although we had the right away—so, don’t worry). Anyways, my heart started to beat really fast as this vehicle started to get closer and closer and by the time they got to us THEY IMMEDIATELY CURVED off really fast and I was frozen in the middle of the road. As a matter of fact, I think I had one open eye and I kind of felt like those squirrels when they cross the road and wanted to pass out right there! It was so funny. I wasn’t really going to pass out but the moment just seemed so appropriate and perfect.

Okay, I’m done. That was my AWESOME superhero week 
Over an Out!

-Hermana Arce

A lesson to our newest investigator...