Monday, January 12, 2015


This week was a real good week! Hermana Volpe and I worked really hard! Took every teaching opportunity we had and materialized into follow-up appointments. I am getting better at street contacting! If we want more people to teach we have to talk to more people! And the best news of them all is that we have a baptism set for Loli this Sunday. We are so excited for her! I have been working with Loli since I was with Hermana Crockett! Loli is so ready. Guess what…what helped her out the most was having the fellowshipping and support in the ward. There is a such a power from the members in our wards. Loli hopes to one day be sealed in the temple with her family. 

Transfers are coming up!... I AM GETTING TRANSFERRED!!!! Ah, crazy no? I don’t know where I will be going until next week. But I can’t believe I am leaving Malaga!! I will be honest, I have mixed feelings--little nervous, sad and happy---Not sure what feeling prevails. Just a little bit of everything, right? However, I do feel it is time to go. I have been here since September. 

So, a funny story this past week. Honestly, I got a little confused with my Spanish words... Never a good sign, right? Well, it all started when Hermana Volpe needed shoes, so of course we went to a couple of shops looking for shoes. Well, I got bored and decided to look at shoes too. I found a pair and wanted to try them on... So here we go..I used my Spanish skills... then I asked the salesman, while the shoe is in my hands "podría robarlos"…”Could I steal them” instead of "probar" “try them on”! robar = steal, probar- try. I don’t know what happened but got the words confused...... Obviously, after my embarrassment, I do now know the difference. I won’t be doing any stealing! 
Oh Spain! ¿Que terrible, no?

To top it off, the very next day I saw the word “Cuidese” = "Take Care Of".. I said “Quedese” = "Stay".. Oops again!. Daddy--I am sure you know what I meant. Just love me!!!

On a side note, I sent off postcards to you guys.. but, I found out that they changed the stamps here to 1euro instead of 92.00cents. Anyhow, I don’t know if you will get them… I hope so! Watch out for them. 

Last but not least. Please pray for my foot. I called the nurse at the mission home and she checked it out this past week. I haven’t said anything for a month now to anyone about it (because, you know me I don’t want people thinking that I am making an excuse or something). Anyhow, I was hoping the pain in my left foot would go away after some time. You see, there is a bone in my foot that hurts really bad when I walk on it for a long time (here in Spain that’s all we do walk everywhere). I know for fact, it isn’t my shoes because I’ve already switched them out several times. It’s been a month like this, and it just seems to be getting worse. It’s only in my left foot and I have taken Ibuprofen-- as you remember, I have serious heart pain when I take those kind of pills.

(Note: I am not letting my foot stop me from working or walking.) I did not tell you to worry. I AM FINE. I will continue to do the work. But, please pray for me so the pain will go again-- Thank you!!!!!!!! Love you guys!! You guys are the BEST!!!

-Hermana Arce