Monday, October 13, 2014

Semana De Encontrar...Finding Week!

Hola Familia y Amigos!

Family & Friends of the Spain Malaga Mission:  This week, our mission is having a "Semana de Encontrar", or Finding Week.  Our goal is to find 888 people who have been prepared by angels and by the Holy Spirit to receive the gospel. Please pray for us and for those the Lord has prepared for us to find!. Thank you for all your love, prayer and support!

I will share a little "milagro" (miracle) this week! Last Sunday, we had two young girls who showed up at church. They both are studying here because they are in their early 20's. One of girl's names is Yoanna and she is from Bulgaria but she speak English very well!. We taught her lesson 1, and I was able to extend the baptism question. She answered and said "YES". Then, we said "Wait! No, it may be too soon". But then she was like "Absolutely! Although, I have not finished reading the Book of Mormon yet." She has researched our church on and she is always asking us how she could live and keep the commandments and the meaning of scriptures and what they really mean to her. Yoanna is like "GOLDEN" and she is super prepared!  However, back in Bulgaria, she has been getting negative vibes from her parents, suggesting that our church is another "Sect", and obviously, they do not support her on this decision. However, Yoanna is firm with a solid and growing testimony and so she still wants to be baptized. Yoanna wants to be part of this gospel too bad! We are super excited for her! Julie, Yoanna's friend, is the same way (they are roommates) but Yoanna is progressing much faster than Julie. Anyways, as this turns out this is such a huge "milagro" for us and a blessing for Yoanna and Julie. It is crazy!! We also have a baptism this coming Saturday with a boy named Precious.

Have to run...I love "mi familia" 

Enjoy your week!

Besos y Abrazos
Hermana Arce